Midnight Musings

It's almost 1am, and I'm blogging.

This is just another round of random musings.

I'm suddenly struck by how fortunate I am, once again. Though there is still much that I desire, my rational mind tells me that I can live without those superficial, materialistic wants. 

Like everyone else, I cave in to my desires sometimes. For months, I managed to avoid splurging on shopping, but yesterday, perhaps under the guise of wanting to use up some vouchers I had, I spent $150 at New Look and Forever 21 (haul post will be posted up and linked here eventually). Prior to this, I attended a flea and spent $17. 

In the past month, I believe I spent about $700. That's a ridiculously large amount for a student with no salary! Much of that went into good food and transportation fares.

It's not like I need to eat pricey cafe food everyday. In fact, my body doesn't take in "outside food" very well if I eat it too often, so I might as well eat at a kopitiam, which serves pretty good food imo. I'm just so privileged that sometimes, I forget to stop and think about how much I'm really spending.

My parents are understanding- that's something else to be thankful for. My dad sent me a Whatsapp message to just let me know that I've signed a pretty significant amount on the credit card last month, to help me keep in check. No scolding, no nagging, no anger. 

Best of all, he's allowing me to pay for the bill. I had intended to pay for the bill to begin with, but being a subcard holder, the bill went straight to him. I should've informed him first, but I neglected to. *guilty over the shock he must've gotten when he saw the bill* I'm glad he finally allows me to pay my own bills, because it's a sign that he trusts that I have reasonable control over my finances. 

Growing up is tough, but I'm so thankful to have all that I have. 

This is just a compressed version of what I have to say. I'm getting sleepy. Sleepiness tends to... hinder one's writing, in my case. 

Goodnight, all!

- Anna -


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