SEA Aquarium (Part 1)

Many thanks for my wonderful friend for giving me a pair of tickets to the SEA Aquarium! ^^

Went with my mother to SEA Aquarium, and we had so much fun just snapping photos! Mom even got a henna tattoo- check it out!

It's a dragon, in case you can't see. 

The first part of the aquarium is actually... not the aquarium. It's like all the way in, so you're kinda forced to walk through a bunch of exhibitions to reach the aquarium. I didn't really mind, but we had to hurry it along before the aquarium closed for the day (depending on the day, it closes at 7pm or 8pm).

The exhibitions in the photos I've shared above may or may not be temporary exhibitions. I didn't see anything about it when I went to the official RWS website, so I'm just putting this out there.

As for the following photos, I believe they are of permanent exhibitions!

I thought all the exhibitions were amazing. Isn't it cool to just look at all the immensely old artefacts that survived all that Mother Nature had to throw at them?

And now...
*drum roll*
Finally, we can get to the actual aquarium part!

Allow me to start with a pic of my mom being photobombed by a stingray LOL.

You'll be greeted at the entrance with a massive wall of glass, so you can enjoy the view of all the marine creatures swimming around a pretty legit-looking shipwreck!

If you're interested to find out about the conception of the shipwreck, check out this article!

We went down the tunnel. It was pretty awesome.

We arrived at this great column of marine ecosystem. This photo does not do it any justice! It's far more brilliant in real life.

Along the way, it would get boring since this place is sizeable. After all, this is the world's largest aquarium and maritime museum! (as of 2015 anyway)

As such, I'm glad there are special things to note as we head further into the aquarium! For example, we get different observatory points such as this hole in the wall, which might be inspired by portholes, rectangular tanks and shallow/deep tanks.

I love these cute, fat starfishes!

And check out this amazing rainbow display of fishies!

They don't have just fishes and starfishes, they have huge ass lobsters too! These things looked like they were about the size of my forearm, give or take a few inches! 

Next is just a spam of what I feel are pretty photos, taken using a digital camera to the best of my abilities! lol a bit embarrassed though. hahaha!

Of course, we can't miss out on the gigantic fishes! Here's a video of one of the giants! (Turn your volume down, idk if it's going to blow your ears out.)

I took this following photo for the sole reason of capturing a real life Finding Nemo scene- Nemo and Dory!

And I'm not even sure why there was a heart shaped display but it's pretty!

And here's probably the most awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping display- just look at the sheer size of it!

I'll share about the jellyfish exhibition and the colour themed displays in Part 2! It's gorgeous!

And if you already fell in love with what I've shared with you so far, then check this link out for the ticket prices! ^^

- Anna -

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