Grunge Preppy -ish #notafashionblogger

I'm still sick, and have lost my voice. Ugh. I feel so fragile LOL. Anyway...

I don't wear suspenders often but when I do, I take photos! 

I desperately want a new camera, the suspenders can't really be seen in the photos below, but I don't really a camera since I don't have the constant need to carry a camera around with me.

This look isn't grunge at all. My top just says "grunge". I got it in China for a few bucks. ^^ I do think it looks preppy though, because of the collar and cuffs! idk...? #notafashionblogger #cannotmakeit

Truth be told, I know the last photo looks weird but I like it because the suspenders can be seen and well, I think I look slim there okay! HAHA.



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