Yoga at Home!

Back in August, during my school holiday, I joined Kfit for a one-month membership. I've since stopped my membership with them since I couldn't make use of the benefits now that I'm back to school full-time.

I've been missing all the activities since then. :(

What I miss the most is my yoga lessons. I keep telling myself to try what I've learned at home, but damn, it's just so hard to get my ass off the proverbial couch! (Proverbial because I don't really use the couch at home lol)

Today was momentous!!! I'm being dramatic, but whatever. I finally got onto Youtube to find a yoga video for beginners, and I just followed along. It really helps to have someone talking me through the steps.

Unfortunately, I'm sick right now, but picking up yoga today was an instant pick-me-up! Here are the two videos I attempted to follow along to:

And no, yoga didn't help me feel less sick. It's not a miracle medicine. I just feel more energized! Lethargy? GONE!

It was exhausting, though! I'm going to have to ask my fellow yoga beginner how she does her breathing during yoga, because I feel heady sometimes, which isn't supposed to happen. 

To any yoga practitioner out there: Does your tummy suck in or out when you inhale?

If you're interested in trying out yoga, check out more from the Youtuber, Yoga with Adriene. She's the one who made the videos that I've shared in this blog post. 

I find her voice calming, and I love how she demonstrates how to ease into a pose, to prevent noobs like me from straining myself to get into an expert pose. Not that I want to do an expert pose, but I wouldn't know between an incorrect and beginner pose, so of course I'll try to imitate what I see! 

Achievement Unlocked! I hope I can be motivated to keep practising yoga perhaps three times a week! Let's see how I fare in my resolution!



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