Wedding at Grand Hyatt

Today, I attended my first ever wedding lunch! It's usually a dinner, isn't it?

Initially, I decided not to attend the wedding, because I'm not close to my extended family. However, as I played a stupidly addictive game on my phone the night before, I had a change of heart. I should at least show up, since they've so kindly extended an invitation to me.

As a result, no one woke me up until 20 minutes before we had to leave for the wedding venue at the Grand Hyatt. 

And when I said "wake me up", I meant my brother storming into my room and shouting "ARE YOU COMING? ARE YOU?" and jolting me awake. -.-"

It was such a beautiful wedding that I wanted to blog about it, so I'd remember it!

Wedding at Grand Hyatt Singapore Annaxiu
Check out the super oriental design on their wedding invitations!

Grand Hyatt Ballroom, Level 3

Annaxiu Wedding at Grand Hyatt Singapore

A quick pic because my brother didn't really want to help me shoot -.-

Annaxiu Wedding at Grand Hyatt Singapore Guava Juice
Today, I learned that guava juice is delicious!

Annaxiu Wedding at Grand Hyatt Singapore Lunch Menu
The food was absolutely delicious, served and/or cut in single servings for our convenience.

Annaxiu Wedding at Grand Hyatt Singapore Lunch Menu
I love how it looks like a scroll. Totally digging the Oriental theme!

Annaxiu Wedding at Grand Hyatt Singapore Wedding Favours
Some chocolate as wedding favours <3
There's also mini macaroons in other wedding favour boxes!
I have no idea what flavour it is, though.

Annaxiu Wedding at Grand Hyatt Singapore Wedding Favours
Little did we know, at the base of each box is a sticker. I won the 2nd prize lucky draw with my box! Yes, a lucky draw.

Annaxiu Wedding at Grand Hyatt Singapore Table Decor Roses
Eating deliciously was easy with this lovely bouquet to admire, sweet slideshows and music in the background

No one around to help me carry my trenchcoat and makeup pouch... Can't look glam

Trying again to look glam

But then I decided that this kind of picture suits my personality better! ^^

A big thanks to my friend for persuading me to buy this dress! We were at a thrift store, and while I loved the design and the fabulous workmanship of this dress, I wasn't going to buy it. Come on, when would I have the chance to wear it? But today, with about 20 minutes to get ready, I was relieved to have this! This was pretty much the only formal dress I had available! (I sold all my fancy dresses two years ago.)

This beauty was $20, marked down from $15! I'll check the brand when it comes out of the washer. Some French label with a pretty legit looking website. That explains the great quality!

*Update: The brand is Lulu*s!

- Anna -


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