Why I regretted flying with Air Asia

I flew with Air Asia on my trip to Korea on 20 November 2015.

Coincidentally, it was my brother's birthday!

Anyway, our first flight was postponed. That's okay, we're fine with it. But then we found out that it was really cancelled but we were put on another flight. Come on, at least be honest about it. Because you see, the cancellation messed up our seats for every flight for this trip!

Despite paying extra for hot seats (with larger leg space) and to choose our preferred seats, we were all seated apart and in regular seats. 

Of course, we emailed Air Asia about this.

Not only did they not offer compensation or a refund for the extra we paid to choose seats, they accused us of lying about our purchase. On our way back home on 26 November 2015, they didn't give us the hot seat that we booked either. It was so frustrating!

Because it was such a last minute trip, we paid almost S$3000 for our flights. Ugh. This is a budget carrier, too! What a waste of our money.



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