Insadong Poop Cafe - Ssamziegil (Review)

[23 November 2015]

While vacationing in South Korea last November, I saw a poop cafe! My family and I had been to the gorgeous palace grounds at Gyeongbokgung Palace, and had a delicious meal at Tosokchon Samgyetang. This was our third stop for the day- Myeongdong! As usual, we travelled via the subway.

There's lots of souvenir shops in that area. My brother did some work in a cafe while my aunts and I shopped. I can't believe he had to work because he booked the flight on a whim without considering anything else. In fact, I had to skip school because he bought the air tickets without checking with me about my availability.

This was the place where he was at- Insadong Poop Cafe, aka Ssamziegil. He was chilling in the cafe to the left of this poop stall. I just had to buy the chocolate poop pastry before going into the poop cafe! Hehehe check it out in the pictures below!

This is the chocolate poop pastry I bought! Truth be told, it's just disgustingly cute. It didn't really taste that fantastic, and it's not because it's poop inspired. It's because there was barely any chocolate filling! That was extremely disappointing for a chocolate lover like myself.

I've got to give credit to the pastry part though. It was crisp on the outside, and soft on the inside! It was satisfying to hear that crunch as I bit into it.

The cafe also sold other poop designed paraphernalia, such as cushions, hair accessories, photo holders, and if I'm not wrong, mugs! 

Poop aside, this was a cafe after all, so my family and I ordered some drinks! Hazelnut latte and white chocolate latte. Mm, yummy! The colour of the drinks was a little off-putting since it reminded me of, well, poop... 

But it's ok! After I got over it, I could actually taste the drinks. Their drinks are more on the sweet side, even before we mixed in the whipped cream. Like many concept cafes, I felt that their food and drinks were just... pleasant. Meh. Forgettable. 

Definitely worth a visit though, just because of the concept! 

The word on the handle (in the circle) says dong, which means poop.
On our way out of the cafe, we checked out the decoration and art exhibition that was located in the stairwell on the way downstairs. Three floors of art- check it out below!

This is one of those small regrets I have, of not properly taking a pic because I was too hungry to care.
We went looking for dinner, it was late and really cold... I definitely have zero pictures of dinner because I was beyond hungry, I couldn't care less about photos at that point. hahaha.

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