My Lineup of LINE!

Those of you who are LINE fans would recognise this cutie!

Actually,  depending on which part of the world you live in, LINE is so popular that you might've seen some LINE characters even if you aren't a fan.

But I digress- that was a gigantic plushie of Brown the bear! Or at least, I think it is. I'm not a fan. We visited it because my friend is the massive LINE fan.

We were debating whether we should visit Taipei 101 since it's essentially just a building and a tourist hotspot. We weren't willing to pay to take an elevator upstairs anyway.

What we decided to do was just walk around the free entry areas (which turned out to be a bunch of very expensive stores) and leave for the LINE cafe/shop, which was like a 10-15 minute walk away.

Anyway this place is kind a crossover between a pop-up LINE cafe and shop- drinks and merchandise are located in the same place. It's very themed, and very cute everywhere.

Photo heaven for LINE fans!

We ordered some sort of latte. While waiting, we noticed a pole dancing Cony rabbit. It's either odd, or quirky- depends on your perspective.

As with most themed places, the drinks are so-so, the prices are a little on the higher side. #imo

Then we promptly took our drink and went to take a pic with the props! What else, right?

This place is seriously themed. Look at all the fake pastries they have here, in the shapes of LINE characters such as Cony, Brown and Sally!

And of course, with any LINE fan, we (i.e. my friend) had to visit the shop and try to find something that wasn't too exorbitantly priced to purchase! For example, I wouldn't spend like $8 on what appeared to be 30 sheets of itty bitty page markers.

If you don't know, page markers are like 1/4 or 1/5 the size of the typical square sticky notes.

The shop is cute though!

She ended up buying a really huge black sweater. The design is really pretty cool! Perhaps I'll get her to send me a pic of her wearing it... but we'll see! It probably cost like $80. #idk

Alright, bye! 😁


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