Finding Motivation Anywhere

As usual, time flies, blah blah and that jazz.

We're always so surprised that the year is behind us and a new year is upon us! I've learned a neat tip or two about scheduling and planning that mutes the shock of having 2018 creep up on me. In fact, it can't even creep up on me anymore! 😂

Sometimes I find it hard to find the motivation I need to get work done. I'm pretty sure I'm not alone. There's a reason why motivational and inspirational quotes have been so popular all over social media!

So here I am to share some words of encouragement! I couldn't resist a pic or two... Or three... (Or a lot...) With these super cute backdrops!

On hindsight, maybe wearing all black like this isn't the best. I look like I'm wearing a  black potato sack! I still love the colour black though. 

Oversized Hoodie: Korea
T shirt dress: Cotton On
Fishnet leggings: Singapore
Socks: Rubi 
Shoes: Melissa
Bag: Kate Spade

My dad jumped in for a shot too! 

Stay Happy!



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