Is this the cutest lip tint in the whole world?? Let's review K makeup!

I saw a tiny wine bottle in Taiwan and I've been obsessed with it! It's cute, it's long-lasting, and it comes in such gorgeous shades!

It's one of the cutest things I've ever seen, and I hit jackpot when I chanced upon the brick-and-mortar store of Korean brand, Labiotte, which sells this amazing little thing in Korea!

The Best and Cutest Lip Tint!

I instantly fell in love with the brand Labiotte. Not only is the lip tint cute, there are a ton of colours to choose from, and the tint is amazingly long lasting!

The last time I checked (Nov 2016), the colours selections are more of the vibrant shades or sweet pinks- no nude or crazy colours like purple or black.

These are the Labiotte Wine Lip Tint, and there's two sizes available.

Left: CR01 | Right: CR02

In fact, I use a lip scrub regularly to ensure my lips don't become horribly stained.

Let's talk about the formula of the smaller, chubbier and cuter lip tint first- CR01!

Here's a swatch of CR01 on my hand. It's a dark coral shade, but it isn't as orange-y as most other corals I've tried. Don't underestimate the muted shade on my hand, it's pretty vivid on my lips!

The formula is sheer but buildable, and it's on the more viscous side for a lip tint. It also takes awhile to dry down. I tend to apply it first then go on to do other parts of my makeup routine to give it ample time to dry down!

Once it dries down, the tint stays on for hours! TIP: Don't use your fingers to blot or blend it out on your lips, because you can't wash it off completely even with make up remover.

Here's what it looks like after it dries down.

TIP: Don't smack your lips together while the tint is still wet. I find that most of the colour transfers to my lower lip and I'd have to touch up on my upper lip.

Obviously, we're going to expect a mini applicator in the mini bottle! The tiny applicator makes it easy to apply a gradient effect, but it's a little blunt at the tip, so getting into the corners is a little tricky.

Seeing as how the entire packaging is just 5cm, or 2", the length of the applicator is also really short. While I'm OK with that, I know some of you are going to hate the shortness of it.

There's also not much of a fragrance from this Labiotte wine lip tint.

The Best and Cutest Lip Tint! Labiotte CR01

Next, let's talk about the larger and more elegant looking one- CR02.

It's clearly slimmer and longer than the previous one. Obvious statement aside, let's get on with the formula!

Here's a swatch of CR02 below!

As you can see below, the colour is slightly fainter compared to CR01. It's a sweeter shade, perfect for days when you want to have that girly and natural make up look. I personally love the teeniest bit of pink in it- it's a gorgeous reddish-pink hue on my lips!

It looks wet now because it's a tint (read: has a watery texture as compared to lipsticks or liquid lips), but it dries down to a slightly fainter shade that won't budge for hours!

Tip: If you do make a mistake, use your fingers to quickly wipe it towards your lips. If you wipe it towards your cheeks, you'll find that the quick drying formula will have left a stain from your lips to your cheeks!

The applicator is the typical slim design with a slanted tip. It is, of course, a miniature version, because it has to fit into that small bottle measuring 9cm/3.5". I find the smaller design makes it extremely easy to do a gradient lip, and the lightweight formula glides on effortlessly.

Even if you don't want a gradient lip, the small applicator makes it so easy to apply the lip tint that you'll hardly find yourself making a mistake.

I also love the smell of this! It has kind of a sweet fruity smell- light enough so you don't notice it under your nose all day long, but it's there and I love it!

Comparison of the two Labiotte lip tints

In terms of the formula, CR01 (the smaller one) is thicker than CR02. That might be why CR01 leaves a darker stain as compared to CR02 and is also more long-lasting. I prefer CR02 for its lightweight formula. It feels like there's nothing on my lips from the get-go!

Next, let's see a comparison of the two tiny applicators! Just like the size of the bottle packaging, the applicator for CR01 is shorter and chubbier than the one for CR02.

I personally find it easier to use the longer applicator for CR02, because it's longer and slimmer!

The Best and Cutest Lip Tint! Comparison of applicators

As for the fragrance, both are fine. CR01 doesn't have much of a smell, while CR02 has a light, sweet smell.

If I had one negative thing to say, it would be the name. I wish they named it something more fitting than alphabets and numbers, but it does make it a lot easier to find each product by its alphanumerical code!

You can find this Labiotte Wine Lip Tints at Labiotte (online store here) and various of its official retailers such as Althea and Style Korean. There's also foundation, lip balms and even nail polishes (if I'm not wrong) in this wine bottle packaging. SO CUTE!

As always, I'm impressed with Korean makeup!

(CR02 is only available in the larger size - 9cm/3.5")


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