Is Reliable? Online Shopping Haul & Review

Online shopping has never been more affordable! We've been seeing a ton of websites that offers unbelievably low prices popping up here and there: Shein, Wish, Romwe, Fashion Nova...

Well, here's another one! Introducing Tosave, an online e-commerce company that believes in giving consumers a wide variety of quality products to choose from at the best prices. 

They weren't kidding about offering a wide variety of products. They apparently have "tens of thousands" of products, including consumer electronics, computer accessories, clothes, home decor and more!

I ordered 5 items and spent less than $15! Read on to see if the incredibly affordable prices on this website is legit or not! 


As expected, the time taken to ship everything to my place took quite some time, as is the case with these websites, so I'm fine with it. Here's the timeline of the whole online shopping process:

19 April: I sent in my order.
19 April: I received an email confirmation of my order.
27 April: I received a tracking code for my parcel.
17 May: I received the parcel.


Honestly, I was unimpressed by the black crumpled plastic that arrived. I didn't even realize it was a parcel from Tosave! But it did serve its purpose of protecting my items from any moisture damage, so that's a plus.

You can rest assured that all your items will be safe from any water damage, as all items are individually wrapped in more plastic. Not exactly eco-friendly, but I repurposed the plastic bags as trashbags, so they turned out to be quite useful!

The items I ordered were not particularly fragile, so perhaps that's why there was no bubble wrap or any sturdier form of protection. I half expected the plastic items to be cracked, but surprise, surprise! It arrived in perfect condition.


Overall, I'd say that most of the items are accurate to the website. Not "kinda" accurate- I mean, accurate. Tosave actually did a great job of accurately describing their products in terms of images and descriptions!

Measurements can be a bit iffy, but the website clearly states that there might be some deviation due to errors in manual measurement.

Here's the fun part- let's have a look at each item I received! I ordered 5 items: Moon Cake MoldMacaroon Silicone MoldUniversal Cross KeyPill Box Keychain and Women Monokini!

NOTE: These are not the actual names of the items used in the website.

Item #1: Moon Cake Mold ($4.59)

I was impressed that this arrived all the way from China without any sturdy protection in the parcel! It wasn't cracked at all, and the spring handle worked perfectly.

The plastic felt light and kind of cheap, but the quality of the mold exceeded my expectations- there were no sharp or uneven edges. The spring worked great, the handle was a good size to grasp while popping out those mooncakes, and the whole thing was easy to use!

The only thing I would gripe about is metal bit that connects the handle to the cylindrical shaped part. As you can see in the picture below, there's some unidentified residue. I'm guessing it's some sort of lubricant?

Accuracy to website: 10/10

All looks good, don't you think? There's only a slight difference in the colour. It's stated as white on the website, but it's really a pale yellow. No big issue here, unless you hate yellow.

It looks identical to the image on the website (see below for screenshot):

Item #2: Macaroon Silicon Mold ($2.90)

The silicon mold came in a delicious chocolatey brown colour, and I like the size- it'll really speed things up when my mom and I try baking macarons, seeing as there are 30 individual molds for us to use here. It feels smooth, and is made out of food grade silicon.

It arrived a little dusty, but that's not a concern since I'm going to have to wash it before using it anyway. I wonder if my macarons will have a small ring embossed in them as a design, since there's a slight ring in every mold.

Accuracy to website: 9/10

Accuracy in Measurement:
Actual size of the silicon mold: 28.5x25.5cm / 11.2inx10.0in
Measurements on the website: 26.0x22.0cm / 10.2inx8.8in, with a 2-3cm error

Actual size of each individual mold: 3.9cm / 1.1in
Measurement on the website: Small circle diameter: 2.3cm/1.0 inches / Large circle diameter: 3.7cm/1.5 inches

There isn't an option to select size. I took a point off for that, since customers won't be able to tell what size they'll be receiving when they order.

Accuracy in Appearance:
It looks identical to the image on the website. (See screenshot below)

Item #3: Universal Cross Key ($2.91)

This is the one item that ever-practical Xiu selected! She needed it for work. It's the correct size and looks to be of good quality- smooth edges, no scratches, the metal bit is a good weight... overall thumbs up! 

Also, I like to use weight as an indication of quality sometimes. If it's slightly more weighted, I'll think that it's of a better quality. 

The smallest metal bit does have a rather loose fit to the red plastic piece. I also have nothing to test it on, so I can't say much about the sizes of the "keyholes" of this universal cross key. Shall pass it to Xiu and see what she says! 

Accuracy to website: 10/10

Measurements provided on the website matches the actual measurements of the item sent to me exactly! This is 7.2 by 7.2cm for the main T-shaped section, excluding the additional part. 

The universal cross key looks identical to the image from the website, as you can see:

Item #4: Pill Box Keychain ($0.60)

I'm really pleased with this item! I like to take vitamins everyday, but I tend to forget them since I can only eat them after a meal. So when I saw this, it was love at first sight- I just had to get this useful little thing!

As with the other items, the pill box keychain has really smooth edges, can fit a few vitamin pills, screws on and off easily, and is so light (in this case, light is a good thing) and portable! 

It comes in 7 other colours as well, but you don't get to choose the colours (it's selected at random when you place an order). I'm happy with my black coloured one- black is my all time favourite colour! 

Accuracy to website: 8/10

Details on the website are quite accurate for the pill box keychain, but it could be slightly better! The item is identical to the photos, but measurements deviate a little more than the 1 to 5mm of error that they promised. 

On the website, it's 4.8cm/1.5in long, but the item I received was 5.5cm/2.1in. This isn't a big issue for me at all, but I took 2 points off because the website wasn't clear enough- there's no indication as to whether the measurement include the keyring or not. 

If you're interested, the length of this item with the key ring is 7.5cm/2.9in. The diameter measurement was accurate.

#5: Women Monokini ($3.95)

I wanted to try a one-piece swimsuit, and this monokini looked like as good as any to try! It's so affordable at Tosave, so I figured it was pretty much the best time to try a new look!

With its v neck cut in the front and scoop back, it's flattering on the figure. My fav is how relatively conservative it is, without encroaching on nun-like characteristics. I was uncertain about the cut-outs, but why not? It looked amazing on the model!

Unlike many affordable clothes from China, this swimsuit doesn't have many loose threads for me to trim of- maybe just one or two. The seams look uniform throughout, with absolutely no jagged cuts anywhere, and it feels amazingly nice and soft!

I might have to purchase some pasties to go along with it, since it doesn't have any padding, but no big deal.

Accuracy to website: 6/10

Okay, this one was the one that I was most looking forward to, so I was extremely disappointed to find that it was too big for me. The monokini swimsuit that arrived was bigger than stated. *cries*

I'm tempted to rate it 0/10 because I can't wear it at all, so what's the point of having nice seams if I can't wear it anywhere? But nah, I can't do that... the quality is really commendable, especially at this price.

I have great news, though- Tosave kindly agreed to send me a replacement swimsuit in size S! I'm so looking forward to receiving that swimsuit, and let's see if it's accurate to the measurements on the website like the other 4 items are!

Other than the monokini, I'd say the Tosave website is pretty accurate! Of course, it's a little unfortunate that the only piece that needs to be the correct size (since it has to fit on my body for me to wear it out!) is inaccurate, but I'm eagerly waiting for the replacement swimsuit to arrive in a month's time.

I'll post an update about the new swimsuit. Whether it arrives or not will say A TON about their customer service. We shall see... * strokes imaginary beard in thought*


Tosave replied my emails in a day or two, which is a pretty fast response rate. I'm not sure if I'm talking to the same person, since they didn't reply when I asked for someone's name to address them with. Regardless, communication is always quick, and they're friendly and polite. <3

I especially like that it seems to be a human who I'm speaking to, and not a robot. It doesn't seem like they've sent me any automated messages, so I'm loving the personal factor here!


All in all, it was an enjoyable experience with Tosave, and I'm happy to say that it's a reliable website for us online shoppers! Click here to shop!

Here's the product links to the 5 items I ordered. Click in and have fun shopping online- you can spend hours just browsing through the extensive Tosave website!
  1. Moon Cake Mold
  2. Macaroon Silicone Mold
  3. Universal Cross Key
  4. Pill Box Keychain
  5. Women Monokini
Thank you for sponsoring this post, Tosave! <3

PS- I'm aware of the difference between macaron and macaroons, but the silicon mold is listed as macaroon silicon mold, so that's what I used for this post.


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