Sample Store x Best of Taiwan | Wen Shen Herbal Tea by Bioherb Garden [Review]

Sample Store is bringing Taiwan to you!

That's right, they're bringing in lots of goodies from Taiwan! These are popular Taiwanese brands and products specially curated for Singaporeans, but anyone can enjoy them of course. You can redeem various beauty and F&B products over the next few weeks on Sample Store.

This is the second week of their Taiwan series, and you can visit their website to check out the 7% Arbutin Ultmate Whitening Gel by Don Du Ciel and Wen Shen Herbal Tea by Bioherb Garden!

For those of you who aren't sure how to use the Sample Store website, or what it is, this post I wrote previously will clear things up for you!

I'll be sharing with you the Wen Shen Herbal Tea by Bioherb Garden today. As with many teas, it's chock full of health benefits. So what makes it stand out? 

Wen Shen Herbal Tea comes in a typical tea bag. It's convenient and fuss-free, needing only 1.5 to 2 minutes to steep in 300-400ml of hot water for the flavours to be fully infused into the water. 

For refills, leave the tea bag in for more than 1.5 minutes, until you're satisfied with the flavour.

You can even leave it to steep in some room temperature water or iced water, and you'll have a refreshing cool cuppa! For best results, leave the tea bag in 500ml of drinking water for an hour and consume it within 6 hours.

I like to let the flavours slowly diffuse on its own while I'm busy with something else, like writing an article or preparing a meal, then come back to a cold cuppa! 

Part of what makes this stand out is the quality and the source of tea leaves. 

Inside each tea bag is high quality herbal tea leaves from organic farms. A patented herbal tea in Taiwan, China and Japan, it's a caffeine-free tea that's ideal for anytime of the day! (No. M473834: Multi-Functional Herbaceous Micro-Particle for Inhibition of Blood Glucose)

Start off your mornings with a warm comforting cup of tea, or kick back and relax with a calming cup of tea at the end of your busy day.

Wen Shen Herbal Tea contains no preservatives, flavouring essences or artificial sweetener. In fact, it can boost your metabolism (yasss!), detox and aid in blood circulation. This is excellent for those of us who are trying to detox or need a little bit of boost in the weight loss department (do note that this is NOT a weight loss supplment). 

- Bittergourd stems and leaves
- Gynostemma Pentaphyllum
- Lycium Fructus (Goji Berries)

This tea is beneficial to those with chronic diseases, such as the diabetic, or those who have trouble sleeping! Simply drink this before meals to reap the benefits. However, this is Not recommended for pregnant women, women on their periods and those with a history of gastric hemorrhage or hemorrhage stroke should not consume this tea.

Taste-wise, it has a herbal taste (because it's herbal tea, duh) and has a slight bitter zest to it. The longer you steep the tea bag, the more bitter the taste is. The goji berries, other than being amazing antioxidants, somewhat balances out the bitterness. 

The Chinese have this idealogy that certain foods and habits can make your body "heaty" or "cooled". For example, if you eat a lot of fried food but neglect to drink water, you'll be a more "heaty". It's also perfect for people who often burn midnight oil. People like me 🙈. 

This herbal tea can "cool" you down internally to balance out your body's internal heat again. 

This herbal tea is produced at a HACCP & ISO Certified Manufacturing Factory. This means it follows strict regulations for hygiene and safety standards. No worries about pesticide and heavy metal residue here!

This healthy herbal tea from Bioherb is great for daily enjoyment. I felt more refreshed after just one cup of tea, and as a tea enthusiast, I'm pretty excited to add this to my little collection of tea!

The gorgeous box makes this ideal as a gift for your friends and loved ones. If you know anyone who likes tea, or whose health could do with some improvement, I recommend getting this for them! 

You can look forward to more the most popular Taiwanese products being added to Sample Store in the coming weeks, such as Unicorn Skincare mask (for your derriere!), Perfect Concept Advanced Anti-aging Repair Essence, Bluemagpie tea and more! 

You can redeem or purchase the product here:, or find out more about the brand and Wen Shen Herbal Tea here: http://www.herbtw.comYou can also purchase this here:

Thank you Sample Store, for inviting me to join in on the Taiwan series!


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