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Life has been slightly more eventful lately now that I'm blogging more! I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to work with many amazing brands, and to have this platform (and Instagram)  to meet like-minded people!

I'm also extremely fortunate to have the encouragement and guidance of some amazing bloggers/instagrammers as a newbie. It's because of lovelies like Jenny (IG: @streetmadonna) that I'm learning about the blogging world!

If you're a blogger or Instablogger, let's connect! Comment below or DM me on Instagram!

So thank you Jenny, for nominating me for the Mystery Blogger Award! She wrote about how it works over on her blog as well. This award was created by Okoto of Okoto Enigmas Blog.

    As part of this nomination, I have to share 3 things about myself! 
    1. I basically live in my own happy world, coming out only to do adulting things when necessary. 

    2. My vanity has come in handy, as I've gathered knowledge over the years about skincare, beauty and how to dress my potato shaped body that I'm sharing with others these days!

    3. It's unfortunate, but I'm balding before 30 and I have symptoms of insomnia, which worsens the balding issue. It's a vicious cycle!

      Now, to answer the questions that Jenny asked!

      Question 1 :: Are you a full-time blogger living the dream, or do you have another day job? 

      I'm working as a freelance writer while applying for a full time job! 

      On Instagram and my blog, I spread positivity among the more personal posts and provide advice to those who reach out to me. In the same vein, for my job (and career, while we're at that) will allow me to give back somehow.

          2 :: Who has been the most influential or inspirational person in your life? 

      I'm going to cheat and say my parents. They pamper me so much, but also give me the freedom to try and do whatever I want. Not surprisingly, I've become a jack of all trades, but a master of none.

      It's okay though. Everyone has their own time, right?

          3 :: If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would buy? 

      I'd buy low-risk investments bonds! It's a boring answer, but we all need more money with inflation and rising costs of living lol. This is a great way to stop myself from blowing it all on unnecessary items, too!

          4 :: What is your favorite way to spend Saturday night? 

      Hm... it differs, based on my mood, but ideally, it would be to catch up with friends and family over a chill evening! We're all so busy and caught up in our own lives that sometimes, we forget those closest to us.

      If you don't already do that, write down a reminder somewhere and make a habit of reaching out to your friends and family regularly!

          5 :: If you could have any famous person or celebrity follow you on IG, who would it be and why?

      Tbh, I don't have anyone in mind! Do you?

      That's the 5 questions that Jenny asked. Next, here are the bloggers I'd like to nominate for this award!

      And the 5 questions I'm asking the lovelies who I'm nominating are:
      1. Tell us in one sentence- what is your blog about? 
      2. If you were a fruit, what fruit would you be?
      3. Describe your ideal world!
      4. What would you say are the most important qualities of being a good blogger? 
      5. Be it positively or negatively, how has blogging affected your life?
      Nominees, I hope you'll take the time to do up a blog post so we can all get to know you better, and to nominate others too, so we can meet more people here! Simply follow these guidelines:
      • Thank whoever nominated you and link their blog 
      • Tell readers 3 things about yourself 
      • Answer the questions the blogger gave to you 
      • Nominate 10-20 people 
      • Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog 
      • Ask nominees 5 questions of your choice 
      • Share links to your best post(s) 

      Lastly, these are some of my blog posts that has received more attention!

      Travel- Day 5 in South Korea! 
      Style and Shopping- [ Zaful ] Online Shopping Mini Haul & Review
      Health & wellness- Brand's Lutein Essence for Better Eye Health- Does it work? [ Review ]

      Once again, I can't say how thankful I am for the amazing opportunities blogging and Instagramming has brought to me. I've learned so much in writing for my blog, writing articles for clients and I've even created photo and video content for brands!

      All this can only motivate me to work harder, and I wish you all success in your ventures too!!


      Next, in a completely unrelated award, I'll be nominating instabloggers! 

      Contact me if you have confidence and pride that your instagram content is of great quality and provides useful information to your followers! 

      (*Instabloggers are influencers or bloggers who use only IG to reach their audience.)


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